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What are Key Safes?

Key Safes are to store a spare key in or outside your home or building to enable access if you lose or mislay your keys or for use by guests to a rental property for access. Key Safes are essential for those who require visits from nurses or care professionals and are can be used for emergency access. They are available in either dial number wheel combination or mechanical push button locking designs. Some are certified for security by Sold Secure or Secured By Design so you are aware that you are purchasing a truly secure key box.


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  1. Outdoor Key Safe with black weatherproof hinged cover.

    High Security Digital Key Safe - Supra C500 KeySafe

    The GE Supra C500 Keysafe has achieved approval by the UK Police and recommended by WHICH? in May 2015.
    The Supra C500 has been tested to the LPS1175 Level 1 security rating, so that it has the same attack resistance as a standard front door of your home so it does not lessen the security of your home at all. The LPS test was devised by security...

    £75.00 inc VAT
  2. Grey and Black Master Lock Outdoor Key Safe Box. Wheel combination security hides 6-7 Yale style keys

    Mini Outdoor Combination Key Safe - Master Lock 5401D

    Our most popular mini key safe is the Master Lock 5401D - reliable, well made and at a very keen price.
    Master Lock 5401D 4 wheel combination Key Safe. Will hold either 6 Yale keys or up to 4 x 7cm Chubb style mortise keys. Ideal for holiday rentals and visitors to the elderly or infirm who can't get to their front door. Used by many local Social Servic...
    £33.00 inc VAT
  3. Master Lock 5403EURD Extra Large Spare Key Safe showing the safe open and closed

    Large Combination Key Safe - Master Lock 5403

    Need a larger key safe to store your keys outdoors? The Master Lock 5403 Extra Large Key Safe is the answer.
    The Master Lock 5403 Extra Large Key Safe is designed with a choice of up to 10,000 codes. Will accommodate larger mortise keys, Check dimensions below.

    £36.00 inc VAT
  4. Key Safe Box with plastic protective cover. This unboxed shows the 4 wheel combination and room for two Yale type keys.

    Mini Combination Key Safe - Keyguard Combi MKII

    Ideal for storing a spare key outside for use by your children, carers or by visitors using your holiday rental property. The Keyguard Combi MKII Key Safe is easy to use and costs a less than the digital version.
    The Keyguard Combi MKII Key Safe use the same body as the Keyguard Digital, but uses a 4 wheel...
    £30.00 inc VAT
  5. Master Lock 5400D Portable Key Safe open and closed

    Portable Padlock Style Key Safe - Master Lock 5400D

    The Master Lock 5400D Portable Key Safe. This keysafe can be attached using the padlock shackle for emergency or occasional use, with a holiday caravan, yacht or boat, or at home. Keys can only accessed after the padlock shackle is released by your personal 4 digit code, which can be easily changed as you wish.

    £36.00 inc VAT
  6. Mini Combination Key Box. Black rubber cover protects the keypad from the weather. Plenty room to store frontdoor keys for carers and nurses.

    Mini Digital Key Safe - Burton Keyguard Digital

    Need a simple easy to use key safe to secure a key outside your home? The Keyguard Digital Key Safe is easy to use and at san affordable price.
    The Keyguard Digital Key Safe for use outside your home or rental property to store a spare key. digital mechanical design - does not use batteries and is ideal to store a spare key for use by carers and distric...
    £51.00 inc VAT
  7. Push Button Large Heavy Duty Outdoor Key Safe with Thermoplastic Cover Perfect Weather Resistant.

    Large Digital Key Box - Master Lock 5412D

    Push Button Key Safe - heavy duty and larger than most - ideal for outdoor use for emergency key, holiday rentals, carers.
    The Master Lock 5412D Key Safe is 3 times heavier than similar models. Reprogrammable mechanical push button 4-6 digit pin code - no batteries required. Weatherproof and corrosion resistant with a hinged door that folds down whe...

    £42.00 inc VAT
  8. Heavy Duty Combination Key Safe - Master Lock 5415D

    Heavy Duty Combination Key Safe - Master Lock 5415D

    Master Lock 5415D Extra Secure Heavy Duty Key Safe - ideal for secure storage of keys for outdoor use to allow access to a spare key for holiday rentals and Carers.
    £42.00 inc VAT
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