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  1. Key Secure KS25C Car Key Cabinet Key Lock - open

    Car Key Cabinet Key Lock - KeySecure KS25C

    Key storage for Property agents and Vehicle dealers - Stores up to 25 bunches of keys 
    Key Secure KS25C Key Cabinet for storage of up to 25 bunches of Vehicle keys with a Security Cam lock with 2 keys. Extra deep cabinet with double spaced hooks to allow for bunches of keys and large transponders.
    £156.00 inc VAT


  2. Key Secure KS50C Property/Vehicle Key Cabinet Key Lock Open

    Car Key Cabinet 50 Key Bunches - KeySecure KS50C

    Need to secure and store large bunches of keys? - The Keysecure KS50C Key Cabinet is designed for estate and letting agents and for vehicle rental and car dealerships
    The KS50C is large enough to store up to 50 bunches of property, car or van keys and transponders. All key hooks are double spaced and each hook bar is offset to the one above or below to ...
    £258.00 inc VAT


  3. Key Secure KS100C Car Key Cabinet with 100 hooks Key Lock open door

    Car Key Cabinet 100 Hooks Key Lock - KeySecure KS100C

    Key Secure KS100C Car Vehicle Key Cabinet for storing up to 100 bunches of car keys and transponders. This Car Key cabinet has the key hooks double spaced to allow room for bunches of keys plus each row of hooks are off centre to those above and below to allow longer keys to be stored without interfering with those keys stored below. It is fitted with a Key lock and supplied...
    £471.00 inc VAT


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