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Frequently Asked Questions about Post Boxes

Your post is a private affair and you’ll want to keep your letters secure from prying eyes and protected from the effects of the weather. Fortunately our post boxes are superbly designed, combining solid construction, quality security features and good looks, ideal for home or business premises.

For more information on how to pick the right post box for you, take a look at our FAQ’s below:

What type of post box should I pick?

The first question you must ask yourself is where and what you are using the post box for. Is it for storing mail delivered to your home? Or is it for the workplace or communal housing such as a block of flats? Will it be placed indoors or outdoors?

Or is it for the workplace or communal housing such as a block of flats? Will it be placed indoors or outdoors? .

How can I keep my post secure?

The post boxes we stock here at Safe Options have lockable mail compartments which allow only the key holder access to their post. Spare keys are also provided.

How much should I spend on a post box?

You should take into account your budget, how secure your post box will need to be and how much exposure to the elements the post box will receive. The more expensive the post box, the better the materials and locks will be.

How do I install my post box?

The post boxes we sell come with mounting holes already cut on the back panel and matching screws included. Some boxes, such as the Burg Wachter Potsdam, are specifically designed to be mounted on fences and come complete with wall spacers and screws. So if you’re handy with a drill, then it won’t take long for you to install the post box inside or outside the house. DIY enthusiasts or anyone who can handle a electric drill can install their post box. Mail Boxes are usually bolted from the inside into pre-drilled holes to the wall. You can fix them using standard screws and wall plugs.

What if my question isn’t here?

If you have read through all of the above FAQ and you still cannot find what you were looking for, then please get in touch with us. Give us a call on 0800 567 7549 or send us an email where our experienced and knowledgeable staff shall assist you with your query.

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