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Underfloor safes are installed in solid concrete beneath your floor. We stock both secure floor safes and deposit tube underfloor safes with either round doors or square doors with cash ratings from £3,000 up to £35.000. The floor safes have key locks, digital locks or dial locks.

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  1. £35,000 Rated High Security Underfloor Safe - Churchill Emerald EE23

    Floor Safe £35000 Security - Churchill Emerald EE23

    The most secure Under Floor safe in the UK - The Churchill Emerald EE23 is factory tested and has an advisory Insurance Cash Rating of £35,000
    Churchill Emerald EE23 Underfloor Safe with a recommended cash rating of £35,000 or £350,000 for valuables. There is a choice of lock - High Security Key Lock with 2 keys or a reliable high s...

    £1,472.40 inc VAT


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