We all need to dip into a fund of cash from time to time, whether it’s to pay a door to door caller, to send into school with the kids for an excursion, or even as part of a disaster fund in case of emergency. Keeping cash in the kitchen drawer has never been a good plan. Apart from it getting lost in there, it’s the first place a thief would think to look for it.

Storing Cash And Burglary Risks

In recent times, more than a third of burglaries have involved the theft of cash. Burglars know that there is likely to be cash in your home, and it’s a key target for them as it carries little risk of detection and does not have to be sold in the same way as other stolen goods.

Locked petty cash boxes are ideal for keeping your cash away from unwanted intruders. It’s pretty pointless stealing a cash box that you can’t access, and a warning sign to a burglar that they aren’t going to get very far by ransacking your home.

Where Can You Safely Store Your Cash at Home?

It’s always useful to have an emergency supply of cash at home in case of disasters, but storing it safely can be an issue. There are all sorts of places you could attempt to hide your cash from a burglar, ranging from inside a tennis ball and stacked with some others in a tube to in an empty box of frozen food in your freezer. While these might seem like cunning ideas, you can be sure a burglar will make sure to check everywhere in your home, and has thought about these ideas long before you have. The only really safe place is under lock and key, so an inexpensive petty cash box is an ideal solution. For extra security, place your cash box in a safe which is bolted to the floor or wall making it very difficult for a burglar to remove.

Stay Organised With A Petty Cash Box

Keeping track of your household finances is easy to do with a petty cash box. Not only can you make sure you or any other member of your family has enough cash to pay the window cleaner when he calls, you can store receipts for household items and manage household finances effectively. Despite technological advances, there are some occasions when only cash will do – like when you need to sponsor the neighbourhood kids, put money in a charity pot, or make small purchases at a local shop.

If you have a large family or live in shared accommodation, a petty cash box is an ideal way to keep on track of shared spending, and to stay organised. Petty cash boxes are also the ideal place to store keys (for example to a shared shed or garage) that many people might want to access and other small items which might otherwise be easily lost.