Anyone who has ever been responsible for a large amount of cash knows the burden it comes with. A large amount of cash can be a big target for opportunistic theft. In order to cut down on risk, many people use a cash box. A sturdy box to keep cash in is an important tool for a variety of uses. A petty cash box is a small, portable box that locks. It can range from six simple metal sides and a simple pad lock to thick fire resistant walls with a key lock. Its portability makes it ideal for street merchants or any travelling vendor.

What to use a cash box for

A petty cash box is not for protecting extremely valuable objects or huge amounts of cash. You shouldn’t use one in place of a quality home safe. Even the best cash boxes in the world are designed with portability in mind. That means they can easily be carried off by any criminal who wants to break into it later, especially if left unattended for long periods of time. A petty cash box does, however, protect against quick opportunistic theft. This means when a thief is looking to quickly scavenge an area, your cash box will be too difficult or time consuming to bother with.

A petty cash box is great for any instance when you are collecting cash like garage sales, markets, street vendors, fund raising events and any other time you might have to handle cash in public. Cash on a table can easily be snatched if you turn your head for a second, but you will notice if someone is trying to take an entire cash box.

Some cash boxes are fire and water resistant which makes them suitable for important documents as well as cash.

Remember, the contents of a safe should be reflected in a safe’s overall ability to protect it. Since a cash box is designed to protect against opportunistic crime, it shouldn’t hold more than small amounts of cash.

Sentry F2300 Waterproof Fire Chest

The Sentry F2300 Waterproof Fire Chest is a robust little box that can hold anything from cash to important documents. This chest is heavier than some of the other cash boxes in the industry. You can find simple cash boxes that weigh a single kg or opt for something a little studier like the Sentry F2300 which is 14kgs. However, this extra heft comes with added security features. The thick and sturdy walls will keep out mild break-in attempts and protect the contents from fire and water damage.

This chest will keep its contents at a sustainable temperature for up to 60 minutes in fire. This is above and beyond the function of most cash boxes, which may appeal to someone who wants extra security. It still can’t replace a safe that is fixed to the wall or the floor, but as far as free standing cash boxes go, it is top-of-the-line.

SafeSaver Fire Chest 2017FE

The SafeSaver Fire Chest 2017 is another cash box that offers extra safety in case of fire damage. It can withstand flames for up to 30 minutes while protecting things like documents, cash and hard drives from heat damage. This chest is lighter than the Sentry fire chest at 9kgs which makes it a bit easier for you to carry around to events or sales.

The built in key lock means more security than a simple pad and the safe comes with two keys in case you want to keep a spare or give it to someone else.

Sentry HD2100 Waterproof Fire Chest

The Sentry HD2100 Waterproof Fire Chest is another quality chest in Sentry’s arsenal. This box is great for keeping important documents, cash and electronics and it can protect those things for up to 30 minutes in a fire. It also boasts a waterproof exterior. Many chests may be water resistant but the water proof seal in this Sentry chest may keep water out indefinitely.

Phoenix FS0351K Fireproof Box

If you are looking for a simpler cash box that gets the job done for less money the Pheonix FS0351K Fireproof Box is a good option to consider. At only £41.00 it can still protect your papers and cash for up to 30 minutes in a fire and from water damage. It is also lighter than the above options at 6kgs.

SafeSaver Large 275mm Petty Cash Box

For an even more budget friendly option, the SafeSaver Petty Cash Box is hard to beat. This £13.50 cash doesn’t have as much fire or water protection as the chests above, but it can keep your cash safe from opportunistic theft. This low cost chest may be all you need for your specific needs.

Whether you go with the top-of-the-line or the low cost options, remember to always keep an appropriate monetary value in your chest and remember to keep an eye on your cash box, especially when you are in public.