Organise a Bring and Bike Sale

The first stop to uncluttering any area around the home or garden is to get rid of unwanted stuff that is taking up space and can be rehoused. Like a Bring and Buy Sale, a Bring and Bike sale involves clearing out all your unwanted gear and selling it, but with a bike theme. Ask others to hire a table too, find a local community hall where you can host your sale, and generate some local publicity in bike circles, so that you can swap your unwanted second hand biking clutter for some cash!

Store Your Bikes Properly

While it can be tempting to open the door and shove your bike in as fast as possible in order to allow you to go indoors and collapse after a long cycle home in the rain, it’s sensible to have some kind of method to storing bikes, especially if you have multiple bikes in your bike shed. Many bike storage shelters come with wall attachments that are ideal for storing bikes either vertically or horizontally. Horizontal storage is a more child-friendly option for quick ease of access.

Make the Most of Your Space

Kit out your interior walls with pegboards, or with multiple hooks to allow you to hang things up. It’s easy to only concentrate on floor space and forget that you could maximise your usage of both walls and the ceiling, using hammock storage or other neat space saving ideas. Fit shelves, or invest in some space saving storage cabinets with drawers to make organising your bike tools and other bits of essential kit easy. You can even use the ceiling of your bike storage shelter for storing tools and spares if you use the appropriate fixings.

Get a Bike Pannier

A bike pannier is a waterproof bag especially designed to attach to your bike to store vital equipment that you might want to carry with you, like reflective strips, a puncture repair kit, spare inner tube, head torch, and any other bits of kit that are handy to have when on the move. Bike panniers come in all shapes and sizes and can store laptops as well as anything else you might need to take to work with you.

Get Yourself a Bike Storage Shelter

Many of us use our regular garden sheds for bike storage, rather than buying bike storage shelters. Not only does this make bikes more difficult to access, but finding other things like garden tools can become a major operation with many bikes to move out of the way first. Ideally it is best to store bikes and all their associated equipment separately to make access much easier. Make sure you have a good, secure lock on your shed to deter potential thieves and keep cleaning products, like chain degreasers on a high level shelf out of the reach of children.