For families with small children it can often be difficult to integrate an adequate level of safety without compromising aspects like comfort and convenience.

There are, however, a number of tools and pieces you can install in and around you home to keep the entire family safe—from infants to adolescents and adults. A few of these options include reflective cones, convex mirrors, decoy security cameras, and more.

Reflective Cones Alert Oncoming Traffic to Slow

Reflective cones are an affordable and easy way to alert cars of children playing or occupying space outside. Traffic cones come in a variety of sizes and appearances. Depending on your preference you can purchase cones in lime green and orange, although orange tends to be easier to spot in low lit areas. Select a cone in a fluorescent colour because those are designed to be UV inhibitors which resist fading over time. The Traffic Cone 1000mm High by Traffic Line, for example, is ideal for roadways, dangerous areas, and walkways. It’s manufactured in two parts with a heavy recycled base and retro-reflective D2 sleeve.

To compliment your traffic cone, you may also want to consider traffic line barrier tape. This can be used to designate a certain area for children at play or for cars coming and going. This tear resistant barrier is available in a variety of colours including red and white.

Convex Mirrors Reveal Blind Spots

You’ve probably seen convex mirrors featured prominently in retail stores or in traffic garages where tricky corners often get the best of drivers. Well convex mirrors are suitable in and around you home when children are present because they allow you to have a wider field of view than a traditional flat mirror. Interior and exterior convex mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Dome shaped convex mirrors are ideal for right angled corners within your home adjacent to corridors or stairwells where accidents may be prone.

There are convex mirrors made of unbreakable polymer faces, toughened acrylic faces, and a number of other durable materials. The Moravia Spion 300mm Diameter Acrylic Convex Mirror is a great example of one which would be suitable on an exterior wall to prevent accidents. This mirror has an adjustable J arm for wall mounting or post mounting with jubilee clips. Not only is it lightweight but it’s also shockproof. There’s no better way to maintain view of entry ways and exits than with a wide-angle convex mirror.

When shopping for one of these mirrors, be aware of the features to look for. If it’s intended for the driveway or patio area make sure it can withstand the elements (i.e., rain, hail, wind, etc.) Another component to look for is impact resistance and optional mounting positions.

 Install Safety Latches and Locks

If your home has a gate leading to an open space, like the driveway for example, it’s important to install a safety latch or lock to prevent children from wandering out unsupervised and conversely strangers wandering in. Look for a latch or lock which can’t be dislodged easily by a child and also can’t be easily opened from the outside. Your best option, in some cases, may be to secure the gate using a steel padlock.

There are a few options available to you as far as padlocks go. These include key padlocks, combination locks, and both combination with key override locks. The benefit of purchasing a combination lock is that you’ll never need to worry about misplacing a key but instead just remember the combination that you set. The Master Padlock 176D in Brass combines the best of both worlds with its dual key entry system and four digit combination. It’s intended for outside use and the hardened steel shackle is extremely cut resistant. This would be the perfect padlock to secure a gate where children could potentially enter and exit without an adult.

Decoy Security Cameras Deter Predators

When looking to outfit your home with an adequate level of safety, a decoy camera is a premiere choice. These faux installations are designed to look just like the real thing with the one difference—the price. They’re only a fraction of the price yet can deter predators, thieves, and burglars from even setting foot onto your property. The Securikey Outdoor CCTV Decoy Camera is indistinguishable from an active camera with its high quality appearance, anti-corrosion finish, weatherproof exterior, and flashing LED.

Conversely, you may want to opt for the real thing in the event that your property or safety is jeopardised.  Security companies which specialise in home protection can install and protect your home around the clock with wireless alarm systems.

In sum, decoy security cameras, convex mirrors, reflective traffic cones, and padlocks are all great methods of protecting and preventing accidents when children are present.