Commercial safes are engineered to provide businesses and clients with a high degree of security for their valuables, jewellery, and documents. Customers can select the level of security they desire according to various test certifications and security ratings. The two main types of safes—fire and securities—are assessed on a number of factors, two of which include the Eurograde system and our own Robert’s Rating.

What is the Eurograde System?

The Eurograde system is used across the industry by manufacturers and distributors to indicate the cash and content value a safe is insured to hold. Safes with Eurograde testing are certified to hold anywhere from £10,000 in cash (or £100,000 in valuables) to £150,000 in cash (£1.5 million in valuables).

It’s important to keep in mind the Eurograde system in regards to the contents. For example, if you’ve purchased a Eurograde 1 safe (recommended to hold no more than £10,000 in cash/ £100,000 in valuables) the insurers may not cover your losses if they exceed that amount.  Coupled with their top notch security, a wide variety of Eurograde safes are fire tested. The Chubbsafes Trident Eurograde 6 ranks high on the list of maximum commercial safes for its third tier platinum protection, 60 minute fire protection, and optional concrete or wood fixing.

To be fire tested, safes undergo a rigorous heating process where they’re placed in a furnace with temperatures around 1000°C. In all instances, the contents within the safe remained intact with no visible heat damage. Trident safes have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 1 year for burglary, fire and explosives plus a wide array of lock options to fit your needs (i.e., key, combination, electronic). The double interior adjustable shelves are ideal for organising cash, important documents, photographs, and more. Experts agree that the Eurograde 6 safe is one of the most secure commercial safes you can purchase.

Understand Robert’s Rating

Robert’s Ratings was created by founder of Safe Options, Robert Phillips. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Robert created a scoring system to help customers better identify their unique needs and preferences.

The four security levels— Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum— along with the padlock grading system (1-3) each indicate the level of protection. So for instance, the Phoenix Saracen Home and Hotel Digital safe (Bronze 1) would not be as secure as the Phoenix Fortress  SS1183K Security safe (Silver 1).

Obviously your price point has a large bearing on the level of security you can afford. Commercial businesses, like an estate agent, may find the Phoenix Fortress to suffice whereas a more sizeable facility, comparable to a casino might need something like the Chubbsafe Trident Eurograde 6.