Savings bonds are interest yielding deposits which are offered by banks and other financial institutions for a fixed period of time. If you’re reading this, than chances are you already knew that. What you may be unsure of, on the contrary, is how or where to store it so that it’s not susceptible to damage or even worse, theft.

Fire Protection On-the-Go

Protection from fire and theft doesn’t have to be limited to an in-home safe. If you frequently travel or transport important documents to and from work, it may be in your best interest to consider a fire chest. Between 2012 and 2013 there were close to 154,000 fire emergencies in England alone. Many fire chests available on the market are tested to withstand temperatures upwards of 1700°F plus they have a built in seal to prevent liquids from entering the main chamber. The Sentry  F2300 Waterproof Fire Chest has up to 60 minutes of fire resistance, a first tier Bronze measure from Robert’s Ratings, and ETL verified water protection. While this chest is not designed to hold tapes, negatives or other plastic media, it is excellent at protecting any flat lying papers, photographs, and non-plastic digital media.

A Fireproof Box for a Fraction of the Cost

Another option if you’re set on having portability as well as affordability is a fire box. These tend to be a little more affordable than fire chests, but again you will sacrifice a degree of security for that reduced price tag. The Phoenix FS0351K Fireproof Box offers 30 minutes of fire protection and adequate interior space to hold important documents and photographs. Even if you don’t need to store a savings bond, this could be the perfect solution for a business that is exposed to the elements and needs to protect company information from water and possible heat damage.

Two Functions are Better than One

If an in-home safe appeals more to you than a fire chest, consider one of the many dual function safes offered by Safe Options. These safes are engineered to withstand not only high temperature but burglary as well. The Chubbsafes FIRE 25E Electronic Security Fire Safe combines the level of protection you would expect from a high-grade anti-theft safe with European EN 15659 Fire Protection. Its cash limit is £4,000 and valuables limit is £40,000. Constructed with an 8mm thick steel door and 3mm thick steel body, thieves will have a challenging time gaining access to the contents. It comes fully equipped with a battery operated electronic lock and re-programmable code to keep savings bonds, deeds, and other legal papers secure.