Burton Lambent Hotel SafeThe Burton Lambent Hotel room safe is designed for multi-occupancy use and is large enough to store most laptop and tablet computers as well as mobile phones, passports and cash.

Hotel safes differ from standard safes in allowing a guest to enter their own code when renting a room. All they need to is enter their own 3-6 digit code before closing the door and entering the same code to open the door. The safe door cannot be closed unless a code is entered. In the event a customer forgets their code then the management of the hotel, hospital, student’s hall or Care Home can open the safe with either their master code or a master key.

  • Designed for us by multi-occupancy in hotels, hospitals and care homes
  • Fully tested by Burton safes to withstand regular use
  • Able to accommodate most laptops up to a screen size of 17”
  • Easy to use by guest with illuminate digital display for use in dark wardrobes
  • Display screen also aids guests in setting codes and using the safe
  • Guest and program safe with their own 3-6 digit code
  • Hotel or Hospital Manager code and key for opening in an emergency
  • 3 Way locking with 4 high tensile steel locking bolts for extra security
  • Motorised locking bolts for ease of use
  • Unauthorised entry block locks out in the event of 3 wrong codes
  • Expansion Bolts included for floor and wall fixing
  • Finished in scratch resistant black paint
  • External Dimensions – 200H x 485W x 360D mm
  • Weight 13kg , Internal Volume 27 Litres
  • Warranty – 2 years

Burton Lambent Hotel Safe (open)Pros

  • Multi-user use at a very competitive price
  • Although designed for hotel use it is suitable for use in any multi-user situation
  • Hospital wards, Residential care homes, Student accommodation, Prisons
  • Offers  protection from theft and opportunistic burglary
  • Special back lit display allows easy use within dark hotel wardrobes
  • Management master code and key for emergency access
  • Burton safes 2 years on-site warranty
  • Easy to install using in rear and base expansion bolts supplied
  • Optional expert installation in 5-7 days or Quick delivery in 1-2 working days


  • Security protection from burglary and theft – no fire resistance
  • No audit trail facility, but is available on a higher spec model

The Burton Lambent Hotel Guest Safe is designed for use in all multi user situations, where the safe is required to be used by maybe a different user, daily, weekly or monthly. The Burton Lambent is large enough to accommodate most Laptop computers and tablets such as the iPAD and It offers security and peace of mind to guests. It has an easy to use interface for the guest to operate the safe with a back lit display to illuminate the keypad even if hidden in the depths of a wardrobe.