Adding safety measures to your home or workplace has never been easier since the advent of the internet. Now, individuals can browse different vendor’s selections of safety signs and make a decision based on their own budgetary restrictions. These five common road safety signs are quite reasonably priced and are carried by a number of distributors:

Traffic authorities and companies that specialise in transport, like scenic and sightseeing transportation, need to be mindful that their signs abide by the UK regulations. The signs where these legal requirements are applicable include, but are not limited to, STOP, GIVE WAY, Keep Left, and Mini-Roundabout.

What are regulatory road signs?

Regulatory road signs are designed to either give an instruction to a driver or specify a prohibition. Generally, the position (instruction indicating) signs are circular with a white coloured boarder. For example, this high visibility folding reversible keep right sign displays a white arrow surrounded by a blue circle. On the other hand, signs which inform drivers what is not permitted usually have a red coloured border like this traffic cone reflective road sign. Diagonal bars on a sign also indicate that manoeuvre is banned.

Shop for Quality

Quality is a key factor to keep in mind when shopping for a road sign. Why? Well, since they’re typically kept outside they need to be made of a durable material to withstand the elements (rain, sun, hail, winds). What’s more, they should be coated with a type of reflective coating, like the one found on this Road Narrows Right Sign. It meets the Class 1 Reflectivity requirements, is easily and quickly deployable and has a large 750mm High Visibility Prismatic Surface for visibility across long distances.

While the traffic cone display in the image is not included you can purchase these separately to prop up anyone of your signs. If possible, purchase a cone that also has fluorescent or reflective properties. Sand weighted cones are optimal for areas with high wind speeds. Otherwise, high traffic cones will suffice to provide your sign with the support needed.