Offices of all kinds are increasingly making use of iPads and other tablets. However, this valuable device needs to be kept safe, especially when it holds sensitive information.

iPads and tablets are going from being an expensive recreational device to a common office tool. This increased use may be due to several reasons. Even in a medical practice, tablets can streamline your office systems and consolidate a lot of information onto one device. Plus, tablets are one way you can move your office into a paperless era, to cut down on costs and help the environment.

However, when using tablets and other electronic devices to run a medical practice, it becomes very important to keep them safe. Not only are they valuable devices, but when you are using them to keep track of patient records, insurance information and other sensitive data losing a device can be devastating. That’s why it is important to keep iPads and tablets inside as security safe when they are left unattended. With the right safe, you can protect against both opportunistic theft and burglary. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • A simple personal laptop case is designed to hold a laptop, a tablet or other electronic devices.
  • A large laptop cupboard that is designed to hold many laptops or tablets for the entire office.
  • A hidden wall or floor safe is good to keep items securely locked away and out of a thief’s line of site.
  • A fireproof digital media safe can protect your devices for theft and fire.

Personal Laptop Safe

Laptop safes are specially designed to store laptops and tablets safely and easily. For instance, the SafeSaver Laptop Security Safe is has a horizontal rectangle shape that is ideal for holding similarly shaped electronic devices. It also has a soft cloth lined base to help protect against scratches or damage. A small and simple laptop safe is great for a personal office or a small medical practice.

Large Laptop Cupboards

If your medical office or facility is large and you have several tablets that need to be kept safe then you may need a larger laptop cupboard. A laptop cupboard like the Lloyd LL24 Security Laptop Cupboard can be used to hold up to 48 laptops. You can even choose to add a ventilation system if you would like to fitted it with recharging points.

Hidden Wall and Floor Safes

A good option for a personal office is a hidden safe. A hidden safe can be embedded into to floor or the wall in order to hide a safe behind a photo or in the back of a closet. Every safe can be broken into if given unlimited time and effort. However, a safe that remains hidden can’t be broken into.

Digital Media Fire Safes

Fires can happen quickly even in places you might have thought were immune to them. However, some safes are designed to keep electronics and digital media safe from flames and theft. For instance, the De Raat Modus Fire Paper Digital Safe is designed to protect electronics from fire for up to 60 minutes.

Remember, iPads and tablets aren’t just expensive pieces of equipment when you use them for your medical practice. They also hold information that your patients have trusted you with. Be sure to take the necessary steps to keep them safe.